Some of our  images (more to come)

These are all indoor effects:

This is a Red Atomic Flash Tray. It lasts less than a second, bam!

This is a 25' Silver Fountain shot at a 30° angle.

These are three sequential shots of a 200 gram Red Flame Projector.  This device has zero smoke and lasts about 4 seconds.

Here is the video (highly compressed) the above shots are from.     A note -- there was a thunderstorm on its way (you can see lightning in one shot) and we didn't move the camera and shot 60' mines vs. the planned 20', so they do go off-screen


Pyro.wmv  Some outside demos

Pyro2.wmv  Some inside demos

AlienHive.wmv  This is done withj two 400W long-throw blackligts and black-light bubbles from a bubbler

(All the above, stills and video, were shot with a Panasonic PV-DV601 Digital Camcorder)

Here is a more accurate view of what a Flame Projector looks like on stage.

Some of our supplier's images

These are Mines in various colors.


This is a waterfall, actually a number hung in a row.  These are blue/gold.

Here is a big silver waterfall. with some fountains on the bottom to help.

This is called a flame projector.  It last a second or two and can be made red, yellow, or green.

This is the Stones using some fountains and then some very red flame projectors.

This is Tina Turner using a large number of silver fountains.

This is a small silver airburst attached to a pole for demonstration

These are two small gold airbursts.  (Check out the people.)

This is a large silver airburst plus two silver fountains.

This is a pair of gold mines.

This is a pair of green mines, two silver wheels, two silver fountains, and four red flares.

© Chris Magno

A wedding reception using silver fountains and dry ice fog.

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