Pyrotechnics & Special Effects Vendors
These are suppliers we use and reccomend:
Kellner's Fireworks
Outdoor, Proximate, and Consumer Pyrotechnics

Santore & Sons, Inc.
Outdoor and Proximate Pyrotechnics

Next FX
Stage effects & Pyro

Stage effects & Pyro

Tannerite Explosives Corp.
Binary Explosives, Exploding Targets, and much more.

Liuyang Happiness Firing System Factory
All types of ignition systems

Salzman Engineering
Top Quality ignition systems

JME Remotes
Wireless Lighting Controls for the Entertainment Industry; Lights, Confetti Cannons, Balloon Detonators, And Pyrotechnics

ODA Enterprises
Electrical equipment for the Pyrotechnician and Special Effects professional.

Seminole Wire & Cable Co.
Pyro wire

Special Effect Supply
Over sixty product lines with over 4,000 products. It is not uncommon to spend several hours here.

Le Maitre Masters of Fire & Fog
Proximate Pyrotecnics, Atmospheric Effects

Tekno Bubbles
The Orignial Blacklight Bubbles

FP Logistics
Audio, Lighting, DeeJay, Studio, Performance, Video, Rigging,, Party, Tools

Theatre FX

Special Effects Unlimited

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