• We Are
    • Ohio State Licensed Pyrotechnicians
      • Fireworks Exhibitor NFPA 1123  (Outdoor Fireworks)
      • Pyrotechnics Exhibitor NFPA 1126  (Indoor or Proximate Pyrotechnics)
      • Flame Effects Exhibitor NFPA 160
    • Federally Licensed Low & High Explosives User

    Our Specialty -- Proximate Pyrotechnics

    • Stage & Concert Pyrotechnics
    • Indoor and Outdoor Proximate Fireworks Displays -- We can work in much tighter spaces than ever before, even indoors!

    Our Services Include

    • Mechanical, Light, and Atmospheric Theatrical Effects of all types
    • Flame Effects (per NFPA 160)
    • Film Pyrotechnic & Flame Special Effects
    • Specialty & Custom Pyrotechnic Effects

    CAT LogoA division of Cooney Applied Tech, Inc.Fireworks
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    Member Pyrotechnics Guild International Inc.
    Member Alliance of Special Effects & Pyrotechnic Operators 
    Member International Society of Explosives Engineers
    Member United States Institute for Theatre Technology
    NFPA Logo Member National Fire Prevention Association

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