Why should I use Prox Pyro?
Why should I use Prox Pyro?  The other outfits have done The Rolling Stones tours, they have Disneyland as a customer!
  • We have been performing special effects and pyrotechnics for over 15 years now, and that's pyrotechnics in front of a close audience, not just fireworks displays.  We have the creativity to make your event special.  Read some of our first reviews.
  • Safety is our #1 concern.  We are fully compliant with NFPA 1126, the safety code for proximate pyrotechnics, use only state licensed Pyrotechnicians, and are trained in the Ohio State Fire Marshal's in-service education program .  Click here for more about us.
  • All of our effects (with rare exceptions) are pre loaded in disposable cartridges and are fired from quick-change fixtures.  You won't see any of our staff running to the local gun shop to buy a can of shotgun powder to use as an effect.  You won't see any of our people hand mixing high-explosive flash powder in a plastic bottle, spending 30 minutes carefully (you hope!) measuring out the powder into flashpots before the effects can be repeated.  Cartridges allow us to precisely repeat effects time after time.  Our quick-change fixturing allows easy demonstrations for the local fire authorities, for performers, for fine tuning, and for multiple shows.  Our precision allows the hottest, wildest effects while still maintaining complete safety.
  • We  aren't "married" to any particular manufacturer of effects as most of the big distributor/exhibitors are.  We can get you the best effects from over five manufactures whose products we regularly buy samples of and test.
  • We can often give special pricing to schools, community theater, and other “non-profit” groups -- just ask us.
  • Our parent company, C.A.T., Inc. is an engineering firm.  We engineer all our effects for exact performance, repeatability, and safety -- we don't do anything "by the seat of our pants."

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