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Regualtions and permit ruirements for Outdoor Fireworks Displays (NFPA 1132), Proximate Pyrotechnics (NFPA 1126), and Flame Effects (NFPA 160) are different from state to state.  Below is the information we have gathered from some states we work in. This information is in no way guarnteed to be current, complete, or correct.Check with the State Fire Marshal in each state, and always check with the local Fire Marshal for local requirements.


2/2003 Ohio requires both a license and a permit for Fireworks, Proximate Pyrotechnics, and Flame Effects.

Please Click here for Ohio information


Kentucky requires a permit for outdoor fireworks displays.

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> Hi,
> I would like to make sure that my information on Kentucky laws and
> regulations is current.
> I have read the information at you web site - thanks very much for making
> it so readily available.  It is my understanding that Kentucky does not
> require a license to shoot fireworks - is this correct?   I did read the
> Am I also correct that there is no licensing for Proximate Pyrotechnics
> (NFPA 1126) or stage effects?  Does Kentucky require any application or
> permit for their use?
> Thanks very much,
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    Kentucky does not require a license to shoot fireworks but you have to have
    a Public Display Permit for your site that you will be shooting at in
    Kentukcy.  Kentucky does not have a proximate pryotechnics license.


Indiana requires a permit for outdoor fireworks displays.

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    Subject: Indiana fireworks laws

    In response to your facsimile, Indiana does not require a license to shoot fireworks at a public display.  Also, fireworks manufactured in accordance with NFPA 1126 are defined as "indoor pyrotechnics" and no public display permit is required.  I'm not sure what you mean by "stage effects."  If you mean the use of flash powder, assuming it is handled according to the manufacturer's instructions and in the usual 1 oz. increments, no permit is required.

    Please feel free to e-mail me at the above address or call me at (317)233-5341 should you have any further questions.

    Mara Snyder
    Director of Special Projects

    UPDATE 2006:  Permit now required for public displays.  For full info see:


Michigan requires a permit for outdoor fireworks displays and proximate pyrotechnics. 
Note that while they may not have encoprorated NFPA 1123 and NFPA by legal reference, the local AHJ is required to make sure they are complied with.
(Current as of July 2011),1607,7-154-28077_42271_42321-15752--,00.html

Michigan Law, 1931 PA 328, as amended, MCL 750.243; MSA 28.440, regulates the sale, possession, transportation, and use of fireworks devices within the state. 

Permit Process

Persons who would like to conduct a fireworks display using regulated devices must contact the governing body of the jurisdiction where the proposed display will be conducted. 

Forms will be distributed by the Office of the State Fire Marshal to local units of government only.  A local unit of government is defined as a council or commission for a city or village and a township board for a township.

Applicants should be prepared to do the following:

-Submit application to local governing body  
-Submit proof of training and qualifications to conduct a pyrotechnic display  
-Submit proof of financial responsibility (insurance or bond)  
-Submit general plan to local governing body outlining how the display will be conducted  
-Demonstrate knowledge of recommended safety requirements as outlined in National Fire Protection Association pamphlets #1123, 1124, and 1126. 

Local governing body should:

-Examine application thoroughly  
-Examine proof of training and qualifications, rule on competency  
-Examine proof of financial responsibility (local governing body determines the required amount of insurance or bond)  
- Examine applicant's knowledge of recommended safety standards as outlined in National Fire Protection Association pamphlets #1123, 1124, and 1126.  
-Consult with your attorney for advice on legal issues related to fireworks displays. 

Transportation and storage of fireworks

Permits are required to transport or store any device other than those listed as not requiring a permit. Generally, a one-story, non-combustible building is required. See 1931 PA 328, as amended, for specific storage requirements. 

Fireworks must be transported in compliance with rules promulgated by the Michigan State Police, Motor Carrier Division. Contact the Hazardous Materials Section for specific transportation issues. 


Violations of 1931 PA 328, as amended, are a misdemeanor offense. 

Additional Information

 For more information contact the State Fire Marshal at 517-241-8847. 

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